Summer Pollen Filter

Summer is here and that means your will be using you’re A/C in your vehicle. Your vehicle may be equipped with a Pollen filter—it’s a good idea to have it checked and have it replaced for the season. Also, limit the use of re-circulation on the A/C controls—Why? Because prolonged use of re-circulation mode can encourage the growth of mold in the A/C plenum which also creates a stale smell. Yuck!

Nice Wheels

Ok, so have those great looking aluminum wheels, but now they get black dust all over them—it’s brake dust from braking and it’s ugly. So what can you do—well you can continue cleaning them or replace the brake pads and use ceramic brake pads. Ceramic pads don’t create as much dust and tend to be quieter as well—they do cost more though. Is it worth it—you decide!

Get rid of loose items

Don’t plan on an accident, but do take some steps to be safe.  Put loose items that you have lying in the vehicle into the trunk or tie them down.  In a crash loose items can cause injuries or death even though you have your seat belts on.  Can you imagine a bowling ball bouncing around inside your car during a crash?  Scary, so either secure those items or put them in the trunk.

Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel fuel additives can be used year round depending on the additive.  Never use additives that contain alcohol or methanol. An additive that contains a cetane booster can help improve performance and economy.  Generally speaking, the better the fuel is the less the additive is needed, however there is a point where depending on how bad the fuel is an additive won’t help and the fuel will need to be replaced.

Air Filters in Winter

Just because its winter doesn’t mean your air filter can’t get plugged.  It can get packed with snow just as easily as dirt causing poor performance and poor fuel economy.  Driving behind someone after a fine fresh snow can cause snow to be sucked up into the air filter, another good reason to give some distance.  If you use your vehicle for plowing snow you really need to check it after every use.

New Tires?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to replace two tires on your vehicle instead of replacing four, the two new tires always should be installed on the rear of the vehicle. This is true whether you have a rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive vehicle. You might say, but I have a front wheel drive vehicle and I want the new tires on the front for traction—good question, but the new tires still go on the rear. The reason is because of handling. With new tires in the front you will get better traction, but the loss of traction from worn tires on the rear will cause the back of the vehicle to slide causing you to spin out of control. Numerous vehicle testing has been done on this topic all with the same result—new tires always should be installed on the rear.


If you haven’t noticed, besides the ice, snow and rain, make sure you notice the pot holes that seem to be everywhere. Not only are they irritating, but they can be dangerous. What may seem like just a nasty hole that you fell in; you may have just caused damage to your tires that may or may not be visible.  The damage can become worse as you drive and may not even be noticed until months later. The best advice—don’t hit the pot hole! If you do damage a tire it will need to be replaced. Also, don’t forget to have the wheel alignment checked as well. Even if you didn’t damage the tire, you may have knocked the wheel alignment out of the correct adjustment and this could also cause abnormal tire wear resulting in tire/tires replacement. So the next time you see the road crews filling those nasty pot holes don’t be mad because you had to wait in line to get around them, you should be thanking them!

Woodhouse Collision Centers


If you’re like us, your vehicle has probably been put through the ringer this winter. Snow, ice, road salt and unexpected fender benders leave some wondering where to fix their minor dents or maybe even have major work done.

Woodhouse is fully equipped with two collision centers, one in Blair and one in Omaha. Our certified technicians are ready to help you get your car looking just like you want it. Not only do the Woodhouse CollisionCenters have the ability to get your car looking like new after an accident, but they can also give you a customized look with our many accessory options. Whatever the case, Woodhouse knows you want only the best for your vehicle.

Convenience is a big factor when bringing your vehicle in for body work. Offering towing service, pick up and delivery for the customer, on site rentals with Enterprise and timely vehicle repair, the convenience factor doesn’t get much better then that. Also, the Woodhouse Collision Centers take convenience a step further. Woodhouse will work with most major insurance companies to help resolve your claims for you, leaving you hassle-free.

In addition to the overwhelming convenience at the Woodhouse Collision Centers, you’ll have a certified technician working on your vehicle any time you come in to one of our shops. Our technicians have received advanced training in their field to handle all the various types of body orcustomization work you  may need. Whether straightening bent bodies, removing dents or replacing unfixable parts, you can rest at ease when your car is in the hands of our trained technicians.

Our Woodhouse Collision Centers also take care of manysafety concerns. Alignments, suspensions and deployed air bags are just a few of the various safety problems that can be corrected in our body shops. Thework done on your vehicle at the Woodhouse Collision Centers is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Also, there’s no need to worry if Woodhouse will work on your specific car because the Woodhouse Collision Centers will work on any make or model. Another definite bonus to bringing your vehicles to the Woodhouse Collision Centers is our on-site service departments. In certain instances, things like check engine lights need to be taken care of, and we can do that and many other factory repairs right on site rather than taking your vehicle somewhere else.

Here at the Woodhouse Collision Centers we want to make it as painless as possible to get your car back to factory specs for you after an accident, or even customize your car with a new look that is all it’s own. We offer the peace of mind that should be associated with car repairs. Stop in or give us a call today to see how we can help you make your car the very best it can be.

Getting down & dirty under your hood


Woodhouse services ALL makes and models at ALL of our locations. This includes Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Buick, Honda, Lincoln, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan and so many more! You may be asking yourself, “what is the big deal about that?”  By doing maintenance and light repair on any type of vehicle, we are hoping to make your life a little easier.

We have eleven different locations to choose from; Ford and Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Blair, the new Quick Lane Service Center on 185th & West Center Road, Nissan Service in Bellevue, Chevy-Buick in Missouri Valley, Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Sioux City, and Mazda-Lincoln-Porsche on 66th & L Street in Omaha and Ford South in Plattsmouth. With locations all over the metro, bringing your vehicle in for a quick oil change or some light maintenance has just become more convenient for your schedule.

Woodhouse can do maintenance or light repair for you no matter what type of vehicle you own! Even if you didn’t purchase your vehicle from us, let us win your business by showing you the Woodhouse difference. Whether you need your oil changed or your tires replaced, Woodhouse is the places for all your service needs.

Eleven locations, award-winning service departments and now servicing all makes and models are what makes Woodhouse a clear choice for your next maintenance visit. No matter what part of the metro you live, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, Woodhouse is ready to exceed your expectations!

Wiper Blade Tips

It is important to have decent wiper blades so your view of the road ahead doesn’t become compromised.  In order to determine if your vehicle needs new wiper blades, there are a few things you should do first.

  1. Visually inspect the wiper blades for tears, especially on the ends of the blade.
  2. If there is any visible streaking (not a clean windshield, or leaves lines), then this is also a indication it is time for new wipers.

At each of our Woodhouse dealerships, we sell multiple kinds of blades, mainly supplied by the manufacturer.  However our wiper blades fit many different makes of vehicles.  Prices start at $10.95 each and the prices vary based upon what your specific vehicles requires.  Sometimes it is good to price shop and determine the best brand and fit for your vehicle.  There are many types of wipers, the biggest two differences are winter blades and summer blades.  There are also many different styles of wiper blades, specifically the different adapters that snap on to the arm of the blade.  Check your vehicle to see if you have a beam blade or metal blade.  Make sure you get the proper wiper blade for your car so they don’t malfunction while it is raining.  If you plan on buying your own wiper blades there are also a couple things you should do to insure you get the proper size for your vehicle.

  1. Check the length of the wiper blade on each side of your vehicle because they could be different lengths.
  2. Take your old wiper blade in with you to measure just in case. Compare the size and length of your current wiper blade with the new one.

Naturally we recommend what we sell, however there are other good brands out there.  Price check the blades, but keep in mind some of the cheaper brands may not fit as secure with the adapters.  When a customer brings their vehicle in for service, we do check the condition of the wiper blades and our service teams are familiar with wiper blades required on different makes and models.