The Woodhouse “Plane Guy”

If you haven’t seen the Woodhouse banner flying around this summer just you wait, you will.  It has traveled with the Woodhouse Marketing Team to many events and even made it out to North Platte, Nebraska.  It all started nineteen years ago when Dave McCandless approached us to see if we would be interested in having a banner fly over events.  That is how the relationship began.

Dave has always been a man of flying.  He had his first solo flight as an airplane pilot before he even received his driver’s license at age 16.  Dave earned his private license at 17 and started flying banners.  When he turned 19, he earned his commercial pilot’s license and bought his first plane.  At age 21, he learned one of his greatest skills…sewing.

“My mom, Henrietta, used to sew banners for us,” said Dave.  “And when I turned 21, she turned the reigns over to me and said I had to learn how to sew; she wasn’t going to do it anymore.  So I know how to sew too!  I can make banners or fix them.”

Dave’s been flying banners since he was a young man and the joy of flying still remains.  He’s flown over a variety of events such as concerts, parades, the College World Series, Husker Harvest Days, Iowa and Nebraska state fairs and Nebraska Cornhusker and Kansas City Chiefs games.  Dave says when he is up there flying, he gets to feel like he’s part of that event in some way, contributing to the overall tone and atmosphere.  This is one of the many qualities that has made such a great member of Woodhouse Auto Family.

Years later, Dave is still involved with Woodhouse and said he has probably flown over 500 banners for us since he started.  “The people there are just so darn nice,” Dave said.  “It’s like when they named Auto Family, it really does feel like a family, whether you’re doing business with them or for them.”

Woodhouse Auto Family also enjoys the relationship they have created with Dave.  It is very important for Woodhouse to be a part of the surrounding communities and having Dave fly the Woodhouse banner is just another way we can be involved.

So next time you are at an event, look up.  You will probably see the Woodhouse banner flying across the skies.

Dave Selfie