Thanks For Making Us #1 Again!

Best of Omaha 2016

Do you remember what it was like when you worked hard on a project and your teacher gave you an “A”?  Nothing is more of morale booster than having someone tell you your hard work has paid off—unless it’s over 20,000 people saying your hard work has paid off. That’s exactly what you get when you receive a “Best of Omaha” award.

The “Best of Omaha” awards began in the mid-80s, sponsored by Omaha Magazine.  It started with just the magazine staff, but was later opened to the public in the mid-80s.  Readers could vote on paper ballots and fax or mail them in.  With a readership of over 115,000 people, Omaha Magazine has a strong base from which to ask the public’s opinion.

The contest began gaining popularity and the magazine decided to switch to electronic voting eleven years ago.  By voting at for a specific period of time (July 1st through September 30th), the contest became more secure and added a sense of validity because the system only allowed one vote per IP address.

Word continued to spread about the honor and prestige of becoming “Best of Omaha,” and businesses thought of creative ways to promote the award, from reminding customers on pizza boxes to dry cleaner hangers sporting the infamous logo. In response, over 424,000 votes were registered across the 176 different categories in the 2012 contest.

Sometimes thought as an advertising ploy, in actuality, two-thirds of the “Best of Omaha” winners don’t even advertise with Omaha Magazine.  The magazine is only the sponsor. They put hundreds of man-hours in to host the contest and declare the winners that the public has chosen.  This fact gives the contest legitimacy, because the people involved aren’t gaining anything by sponsoring it.

“I believe that the contest is beyond us,” said Todd Lemke, president and CEO of Omaha Magazine.  “It has become much bigger than just the magazine.  It started with us just having fun—nowwe can’t seem to put enough copies out there.” The copies he’s referring to are of the January/February issue which lists the “Best of Omaha” winners.  If you’ve picked one up and looked under “Best New Car Dealer,” you’ll find that Woodhouse Auto Family has won for the fourteenth year in a row.  What is it about Woodhouse that the public loves?  Is it the hard work, friendly service or massive inventory?  No matter what you love most about Woodhouse, you’re guaranteed to find it all at any one of our twelve dealerships.

“Woodhouse has really exploded on the marketplace in the last thirteen years,” Lemke said.  “They do a good job and they have the volume…and if there are more satisfied customers, there are more people to vote them the best.”

Woodhouse would like to thank you for voting us “Best of Omaha.” We promise to continue to raise the bar in service and selection.  No matter how many times you come back for a different vehicle or maintenance, we will continue to strive to give you an experience that exceeds your expectations.