Time to Trade Up to a Ford Truck or SUV?

$2-per-gallon gasoline and near-record vehicle discounts are playing a big role in increased sales of trucks and SUV’s, according to Ford Motor Company’s recent financial statements. And with long-term forecasts indicating oil prices will remain low into the foreseeable future, now may be the perfect time to finance or lease a new F-150, Explorer, or Lincoln Navigator.

Not only is the F-series pickup the best-selling truck in America for 39 years running, but did you know that Woodhouse Ford in Blair, Nebraska is the #1 F-series truck dealership in the country? We have so many F-series pickups we had to carve out a mountain to make room for them all. The view from above is pretty amazing, too.

Not to be outdone, we’ve been known to sell a few SUV’s as well, including the Explorer, the Expedition, and the Escape.

Stop in and see the folks at Woodhouse Ford in Blair to test-drive a new 2016 truck or SUV and take advantage of incredible discounts and unprecedented selection, not to mention outstanding service. Before you go, be sure to check out the weekly ads for specials. If you’re flying in from out of state we will even pick you up at the airport! Now if “a country mile north” of Omaha is too far for you, we also have a beautiful new dealership space in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, just a few miles south of Omaha, which runs it’s own weekly specials.

If a new Lincoln SUV is more your speed, we have just the thing – visit our Lincoln dealership in Omaha to test drive a new Navigator, MKT, MKX, or Mkc.

Happy motoring!

Woodhouse, Not Just a Country Mile North

Is Woodhouse only located in Blair?

Actually no, you can find Woodhouse dealerships in Omaha, Bellevue, Plattsmouth, Missouri Valley and Sioux City, IA too. Woodhouse Auto Family has grown into 10 Dealerships, 2 Body Shops and a Quick Lane Service Center with a total of over 800 employees.Locations_Header

Blair, Nebraska is “just a country mile north of Omaha.” It is home to the most well-known Ford and Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealerships. With over 2,600 new and pre-owned vehicles spread throughout 54 acres on the south end of Blair, it is worth the trip to see!

Our Omaha locations are on 66th & L Street. You can find the only Lincoln and the only Porsche dealerships in Omaha and our Mazda dealership. All three stores are side-by-side on the south side on L Street and carry approximately 350 new and pre-owned vehicles.

Our Nissan store is located in Bellevue, just off of Highway 75 and the Chandler Road exit.  The Nissan store is home to around 40 employees and is the #1 volume dealer in Omaha, Kansas City, and Lincoln. You can find a large selection of around 300 new and pre-owned vehicles at the Nissan store for you to choose from.

Our Chevrolet-Buick dealership in Missouri Valley, IA joined the family in 2008 and completed our line up of the Big 3 from Detroit. Missouri Valley is only a short 25 minute drive north of Omaha or just 15 minutes east of Blair. Over 350 new and pre-owned vehicles in stock, the Chevy store is ready to help you with your next purchase.

Woodhouse Ford South is located in Plattsmouth, NE and opened for business on January 2, 2012. This location sells new Ford cars, trucks, and SUV’s as well as all makes and models of pre-owned vehicles. This store is located at 303 Fulton Ave on the north edge of Plattsmouth, just off of Highway 75 but we are currently finishing up plans to build a new dealership within Plattsmouth.

Last, but not least, we’ve had a new addition to the family over the last year. Woodhouse Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram and Woodhouse Hyundai-Mitsubishi opened for business in January of 2013. These two dealerships are located at 2101 East 6th Street in Sioux City, IA and have over 475 new and pre-owned vehicles to choose from.

To help better serve our customer’s needs for vehicle maintenance, we offer a Quick Lane Service Center on 185th and West Center Road in Omaha.  They can service all makes and models and will get you in, out and back on the road fast.

The Woodhouse Auto Family has added brands while creating one consistent feel for the corporation. It is important that whether you are purchasing a vehicle or bringing your car in for service, that you receive the same experience regardless of which store you are at. It is our goal to continue to grow and we welcome you to any of our dealerships. We truly believe that it will be an experience that exceeds your expectations!