Woodhouse Collision Centers


If you’re like us, your vehicle has probably been put through the ringer this winter. Snow, ice, road salt and unexpected fender benders leave some wondering where to fix their minor dents or maybe even have major work done.

Woodhouse is fully equipped with two collision centers, one in Blair and one in Omaha. Our certified technicians are ready to help you get your car looking just like you want it. Not only do the Woodhouse CollisionCenters have the ability to get your car looking like new after an accident, but they can also give you a customized look with our many accessory options. Whatever the case, Woodhouse knows you want only the best for your vehicle.

Convenience is a big factor when bringing your vehicle in for body work. Offering towing service, pick up and delivery for the customer, on site rentals with Enterprise and timely vehicle repair, the convenience factor doesn’t get much better then that. Also, the Woodhouse Collision Centers take convenience a step further. Woodhouse will work with most major insurance companies to help resolve your claims for you, leaving you hassle-free.

In addition to the overwhelming convenience at the Woodhouse Collision Centers, you’ll have a certified technician working on your vehicle any time you come in to one of our shops. Our technicians have received advanced training in their field to handle all the various types of body orcustomization work you  may need. Whether straightening bent bodies, removing dents or replacing unfixable parts, you can rest at ease when your car is in the hands of our trained technicians.

Our Woodhouse Collision Centers also take care of manysafety concerns. Alignments, suspensions and deployed air bags are just a few of the various safety problems that can be corrected in our body shops. Thework done on your vehicle at the Woodhouse Collision Centers is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Also, there’s no need to worry if Woodhouse will work on your specific car because the Woodhouse Collision Centers will work on any make or model. Another definite bonus to bringing your vehicles to the Woodhouse Collision Centers is our on-site service departments. In certain instances, things like check engine lights need to be taken care of, and we can do that and many other factory repairs right on site rather than taking your vehicle somewhere else.

Here at the Woodhouse Collision Centers we want to make it as painless as possible to get your car back to factory specs for you after an accident, or even customize your car with a new look that is all it’s own. We offer the peace of mind that should be associated with car repairs. Stop in or give us a call today to see how we can help you make your car the very best it can be.

The NEW Standard in Personal Insurance

Protecting your family and securing your future.


Since Woodhouse began offering personal insurance, we’ve saved money and improved coverage for hundreds of satisfied Woodhouse customers throughout the Midwest.

Whether you’re a new Woodhouse customer or have been doing business with us for years, remember to ask for a free quote next time you’re in one of our dealership locations.

Woodhouse Family Insurance offers the following conveniences:

  • Competitive Insurance Quotes – not just the first year, but every year
  • Consultative Customer Service – tailor policies to fit your needs
  • Extended Hours of Operation – on-site during all dealership hours
  • Prompt & Personalized Claims Service – 24/7 access

We offer all lines of personal insurance including:

  • Automobiles, including vintage
  • Motorcycles, including vintage
  • ATV’s, RV’s & Boats
  • Homeowners, Condos, second Homes & Renters
  • Collectibles & Jewelry
  • Excess/Umbrellas
  • Farm/Ranch
  • Life Insurance – NEW!


Thanks For Making Us #1 Again!

Best of Omaha 2016

Do you remember what it was like when you worked hard on a project and your teacher gave you an “A”?  Nothing is more of morale booster than having someone tell you your hard work has paid off—unless it’s over 20,000 people saying your hard work has paid off. That’s exactly what you get when you receive a “Best of Omaha” award.

The “Best of Omaha” awards began in the mid-80s, sponsored by Omaha Magazine.  It started with just the magazine staff, but was later opened to the public in the mid-80s.  Readers could vote on paper ballots and fax or mail them in.  With a readership of over 115,000 people, Omaha Magazine has a strong base from which to ask the public’s opinion.

The contest began gaining popularity and the magazine decided to switch to electronic voting eleven years ago.  By voting at www.voteomaha.com for a specific period of time (July 1st through September 30th), the contest became more secure and added a sense of validity because the system only allowed one vote per IP address.

Word continued to spread about the honor and prestige of becoming “Best of Omaha,” and businesses thought of creative ways to promote the award, from reminding customers on pizza boxes to dry cleaner hangers sporting the infamous logo. In response, over 424,000 votes were registered across the 176 different categories in the 2012 contest.

Sometimes thought as an advertising ploy, in actuality, two-thirds of the “Best of Omaha” winners don’t even advertise with Omaha Magazine.  The magazine is only the sponsor. They put hundreds of man-hours in to host the contest and declare the winners that the public has chosen.  This fact gives the contest legitimacy, because the people involved aren’t gaining anything by sponsoring it.

“I believe that the contest is beyond us,” said Todd Lemke, president and CEO of Omaha Magazine.  “It has become much bigger than just the magazine.  It started with us just having fun—nowwe can’t seem to put enough copies out there.” The copies he’s referring to are of the January/February issue which lists the “Best of Omaha” winners.  If you’ve picked one up and looked under “Best New Car Dealer,” you’ll find that Woodhouse Auto Family has won for the fourteenth year in a row.  What is it about Woodhouse that the public loves?  Is it the hard work, friendly service or massive inventory?  No matter what you love most about Woodhouse, you’re guaranteed to find it all at any one of our twelve dealerships.

“Woodhouse has really exploded on the marketplace in the last thirteen years,” Lemke said.  “They do a good job and they have the volume…and if there are more satisfied customers, there are more people to vote them the best.”

Woodhouse would like to thank you for voting us “Best of Omaha.” We promise to continue to raise the bar in service and selection.  No matter how many times you come back for a different vehicle or maintenance, we will continue to strive to give you an experience that exceeds your expectations.


Getting down & dirty under your hood


Woodhouse services ALL makes and models at ALL of our locations. This includes Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Buick, Honda, Lincoln, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan and so many more! You may be asking yourself, “what is the big deal about that?”  By doing maintenance and light repair on any type of vehicle, we are hoping to make your life a little easier.

We have eleven different locations to choose from; Ford and Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Blair, the new Quick Lane Service Center on 185th & West Center Road, Nissan Service in Bellevue, Chevy-Buick in Missouri Valley, Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Sioux City, and Mazda-Lincoln-Porsche on 66th & L Street in Omaha and Ford South in Plattsmouth. With locations all over the metro, bringing your vehicle in for a quick oil change or some light maintenance has just become more convenient for your schedule.

Woodhouse can do maintenance or light repair for you no matter what type of vehicle you own! Even if you didn’t purchase your vehicle from us, let us win your business by showing you the Woodhouse difference. Whether you need your oil changed or your tires replaced, Woodhouse is the places for all your service needs.

Eleven locations, award-winning service departments and now servicing all makes and models are what makes Woodhouse a clear choice for your next maintenance visit. No matter what part of the metro you live, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, Woodhouse is ready to exceed your expectations!

Woodhouse, Not Just a Country Mile North

Is Woodhouse only located in Blair?

Actually no, you can find Woodhouse dealerships in Omaha, Bellevue, Plattsmouth, Missouri Valley and Sioux City, IA too. Woodhouse Auto Family has grown into 10 Dealerships, 2 Body Shops and a Quick Lane Service Center with a total of over 800 employees.Locations_Header

Blair, Nebraska is “just a country mile north of Omaha.” It is home to the most well-known Ford and Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealerships. With over 2,600 new and pre-owned vehicles spread throughout 54 acres on the south end of Blair, it is worth the trip to see!

Our Omaha locations are on 66th & L Street. You can find the only Lincoln and the only Porsche dealerships in Omaha and our Mazda dealership. All three stores are side-by-side on the south side on L Street and carry approximately 350 new and pre-owned vehicles.

Our Nissan store is located in Bellevue, just off of Highway 75 and the Chandler Road exit.  The Nissan store is home to around 40 employees and is the #1 volume dealer in Omaha, Kansas City, and Lincoln. You can find a large selection of around 300 new and pre-owned vehicles at the Nissan store for you to choose from.

Our Chevrolet-Buick dealership in Missouri Valley, IA joined the family in 2008 and completed our line up of the Big 3 from Detroit. Missouri Valley is only a short 25 minute drive north of Omaha or just 15 minutes east of Blair. Over 350 new and pre-owned vehicles in stock, the Chevy store is ready to help you with your next purchase.

Woodhouse Ford South is located in Plattsmouth, NE and opened for business on January 2, 2012. This location sells new Ford cars, trucks, and SUV’s as well as all makes and models of pre-owned vehicles. This store is located at 303 Fulton Ave on the north edge of Plattsmouth, just off of Highway 75 but we are currently finishing up plans to build a new dealership within Plattsmouth.

Last, but not least, we’ve had a new addition to the family over the last year. Woodhouse Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram and Woodhouse Hyundai-Mitsubishi opened for business in January of 2013. These two dealerships are located at 2101 East 6th Street in Sioux City, IA and have over 475 new and pre-owned vehicles to choose from.

To help better serve our customer’s needs for vehicle maintenance, we offer a Quick Lane Service Center on 185th and West Center Road in Omaha.  They can service all makes and models and will get you in, out and back on the road fast.

The Woodhouse Auto Family has added brands while creating one consistent feel for the corporation. It is important that whether you are purchasing a vehicle or bringing your car in for service, that you receive the same experience regardless of which store you are at. It is our goal to continue to grow and we welcome you to any of our dealerships. We truly believe that it will be an experience that exceeds your expectations!

How to Winterize Your Car for Self Storage


With cold weather quickly approaching, car owners looking to use self storage during the winter months to free up garage space for snow blowers and bags of salt need to begin making preparations for storage.

Whether you’re storing a sedan, a classic car you’ve rebuilt, or a pickup truck, every type of car needs proper winterization before being moved to self storage. This ensures your car is protected from costly damages during its time in storage.

When going through the necessary winterization steps for auto storage, be sure to find a climate-controlled storage unit, thoroughly clean your car, maintain the battery, stabilize the fuel tank, check tire pressure, and prevent rodents from getting to electrical components.

Invest in Climate-Controlled Vehicle Storage

To ensure the best possible protection for your vehicle, car owners should invest in a climate controlled storage until. Not every auto storage facility will offer a completely indoor, climate-controlled storage option; however, if the facility does provide climate-controlled units for vehicles, it’s worth the extra cost.

By keeping your vehicle in a storage environment with a consistent temperature (usually between 55-85°F) and humidity level, there’s less risk of damage caused by excessive moisture and extreme temperatures, both of which lead to rust, paint damage, and corroded parts.

Clean and Cover Your Car

“Vehicles should be washed and waxed to remove the road grit from the driving season,” says Kyle Smith with Hagerty Insurance, a leading insurance provider for classic vehicles and host to the largest network of classic car owners. Smith adds that cleaning your car prevents damage to its paint and parts.

A clean car should also be covered in storage with a “breathable cloth cover to prevent moisture buildup and paint scratching,” according to Smith, who says plastic covers should be avoided, as they trap moisture that can cause rust and paint damage.

Brad Barnes, Director of Corporate Service and Parts at #1 Cochran in Pittsburgh, Pa., says old bed sheets will do the trick, too, if you can’t find a cover for your car. “Any material that’s breathable to keep the exterior covered is always a good idea even when being stored,” Barnes explains.

Click here to read the full article: http://blog.storage.com/storage/winterize-your-car-for-self-storage/

The Making of a Mountain

Everyone knows that the Seven Wonders of the World are, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids of Egypt, Truck Mountain…wait Truck Mountain?  Anyone who has ever been to Blair, Ne has probably laid eyes on the stunning display of our vehicle inventory.  With approximately 5,500 new and used vehicles just in Blair, we had to find some place to store them all.

In 2003 our Ford and Chrysler dealerships had about 4,000 vehicles and the shortage for space to park them kept growing.  To hold all of this inventory, we started building tiers out of the hilly terrain on the south side of Blair and Truck Mountain was born.  “It was more of a need, which worked into a novel idea,” said Jerry Hughes, Woodhouse employee of 37 years.  It’s not uncommon to find people pulled over to the side of the road taking pictures of it – most people are amazed to see so many vehicles in one spot. Truck Mountain has not only served a purpose, but has truly become a point of pride for Woodhouse.



“We Want You to be a Customer for Life!”

Group Photo with Mazdas

We’ve all heard the Woodhouse saying of, “We want you to be a customer for life!”  We mean this so much that we have an entire department specifically geared toward ensuring each customer’s complete satisfaction.  Our Customer Relations Department/Business Development Center (BDC) is here and ready to listen to anything you may have to say about your experience here at Woodhouse.

The Customer Relations Department seems like a well-oiled machine now, but they have come from humble beginnings.  When the Customer Relations Department was first created, two employees were doing the follow-up phone calls from their homes.  Now, years later, there are seven Customer Relations Representatives working from within the dealership.  Their primary job is to communicate with you, our customers and to ensure your satisfaction!

On a daily basis, each of our representatives is in charge of contacting customers who have been in for service or who have purchased a new vehicle.  And, while we would hope everything always goes smoothly with your experience here, there is the rare occasion a specific issue needs to be addressed.  When one of our appreciated customers has a concern, our Customer Relations Representatives have a certain protocol they follow in order to resolve the concern within 24 hours.  A representative will take notes, write up a Customer Feedback Report, and send the report to the appropriate manager.  It is our goal to have the concern resolved to the customer’s satisfaction within those 24 hours.

Nothing is more important to us here at Woodhouse than our customers.  Our Customer Relations Department/BDC does everything within their power to make sure everyone they talk to every single day has had a wonderful experience.  Keep in mind, Woodhouse sold over 26,000 vehicles last year and on average we have about 62,500 people in for service each year.  Our customers are our future and our Customer Relations Department/BDC is just another way to make sure Woodhouse will be here for another 40 years and longer.

Woodhouse is always looking for feedback from you, our customers; how we can improve or just praising a job well done.  We invite you to go to www.woodhouse.com, and then click on the Contact Us tab at the top and you will see all the different ways to get in touch with us.  You are also able to “chat” with us while on woodhouse.com.  Talk to us and see the difference.  The Woodhouse Difference!



5 Questions about the Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is a fully electric car, which means no gas!  The LEAF is powered by a lithium-ion battery that you can charge at home or on the go. It comes in the S, SV, and SL models.

1. How long does it take to fully charge a Nissan LEAF?

Charging at a charging station takes roughly 4 hours on a LEAF with upgraded charger package.  Some older LEAFs take 8 hours to charge.  All LEAFs come with a 110 electrical outlet that will charge the vehicle in 17 hours.

2. How far can a Nissan LEAF go on a charge?

The window sticker will say 75-82 miles on a charge depending on the model, however it has been known that a Nissan LEAF can go 100-110 miles, but the minimum we have seen is 60 miles.  The climate condition will vary the miles you are able to drive the LEAF.

3. Are there tax credits on a Nissan LEAF?

A Nissan LEAF will qualify for a Federal tax credit of $7,500. You can apply for one after the vehicle is purchased and the tax credit can also be applied as money down when you lease a LEAF.

4. How much does it cost to charge a Nissan LEAF?

There is about $10-$15 added to an electrical bill each month.

5. Is the Nissan LEAF fun to drive?

Since it is an electric vehicle, it gets 100% torque to the wheels, so there is no lag.  The second you touch the pedal, that’s 100% torque.

Legal Window Tint

Make sure you check the window tint regulations in your state if you are wanting window tint on your vehicle.  There are different percentages of window tint that are legal and illegal.  There’s nothing worse than spending the money to have dark window tint, only to pay a fine and have to remove the tint.  The darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%).  This amount refers to the percentage of visible light allowed to pass through the combination of film and the factory tint of the window.  In Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri, the front side windows must allow more than 35% of light in and in Iowa the front side windows must allow more than 70% of light in.  Always ask for the legal tint in your state!